Interlaken Preschool

1242 18th Ave East  Seattle WA 98112

"A Place To Explore The Wonders of the World"

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Enrollment for 14/15 is open
If you would like to explore how to enroll your child at Interlaken Preschool, click on the admission page for full details.

"I like preschool because..."

Ruth:  I like the dress up area.  I like the magnet blocks.
Cash:  I love playing with the teachers. When it's dark, I like playing outside.
Mason:  I play super hero with Miles.  I like doing freeze dances.
Miles Jacob:  I love playing outside and popping bubbles.
Tate:  I like outside playing firefighters.  I like shelf work.
Tobin:  I like to play outside.
Dylan:  we build with blocks, cars and airplanes, it is so much fun.
Rex:  I like playing with the colored magnets.  I like when we do cooking projects.
Sawyer:  I like playing outside with Dylan and Josh.
Josh:  I like building wih the blocks and I really like when the teachers give me back rubs.  I love climbing in boxes.
Miles:  I like playing superheroes outside.  I like my friends Rex and Gabe.


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